I am no longer sure there is a pony anywhere in there

Beth and others: I promise I will write a real blog post and discuss more important questions when I am feeling a little better.

This really happened to me today.  I have the flu and wasn't sure it was happening, it could have been a fever-induced hallucination at this point, so I documented it with screen captures and sent it to myself and a couple of colleagues, including C, as an email message.

EC Wise [not] – MIS [not] –
MS Project re-writes Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit, with the same ending

MS Project on parade, step 1

I’m *forced* to use Project for… how long, do we think?  Maybe the rest of my life?  What beef does Project have, and is it with me?  And yes, you’re darn tootin’ it’s inconvenient.


Oh well.   

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a “recovery” unless we define  it something like “I am a habitual Project user and I am now in recovery”.

MS Project on parade, step 2, yippee!

So… having taken some time, and written this much… more good news appears over my Outlook message draft:

  MS Project on parade, step 3, the shame of it all

This cannot be happening. 


And yet, strangely, it was… Sartre was right. Hell is other people's idea of exit lines, anyway.

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