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RIP Zachary

On the morning of the 16th, Zach did not show up for breakfast. This is not unusual; he likes to wander, and on occasion has turned up as late as lunchtime. However, with Summer in full swing and the current drought conditions, we also know that it is risky for little cats to be out at night.

We could have kept the cats inside at night, but Zach had his routine, and made such a fuss if he couldn’t come and go as he pleased. Outdoor activities were such a big part of his cat identity. So we let him be, reminding him to be alert, and not be a tender morsel for some hungry predator.

We feared the worst when I found his collar and some fur on our front driveway. Not a good sign. Clearly a scuffle had occurred. We walked around the block, talking to any neighbors we met, asking them to keep a look out.

The following day, Lisa decided to check out the field next to the nearby Elementary school. We both went, and there we found him. His luck had run out. It was probably a coyote; neighborhood sightings are becoming commonplace.

We collected him together and wrapped him in piece of hessian, and took him back home and buried him between the orange tree and the cherry plum tree, where all our cats liked to sit, and nap, and watch.

Our little neighborhood trooper is no more. He was friendly and talkative, and didn’t move fast unless he had to. Everyone loved him.

We let him live the life he wanted: He slept all day, gave and received plenty of love, and demanded both food and the right to go out at night. We spoiled him rotten while we could.

He has been a terror to birds and lizards and mice alike, and has now paid his debt to the Food Chain. We, in turn, are paying our own debt in our hearts.

Our drawer is full of treats, that who will eat? Buster doesn’t like ’em

RIP “The Bengal”

Photo by Cecelia across the street

We’re not sure if he actually was a true Bengal because he didn’t really act like one, but he had a beautiful striped coat and looked suitable exotic. He lived across the street, mostly outside.

For some reason, he and Zach had a special bond and would wait for each other to come out and play. We’d often see them on the driveway, communing.

Alas, the Bengal was hit by a car today on our normally quiet street. Very sad.

Zach and Buster

Enjoying the evening

They get on pretty well together, considering. Perhaps once a day there is a “tussle” but it is mostly fun and games and no-one gets hurt.

Meet Zachary

Ready to explore and terrorize his new big brother

I don’t think I shared the story of how Ruby left us to go on a Big Adventure, and then some months later she was returned to us, and how we buried her beside the Orange tree. It was some time back.

Buster has enjoyed being an Only Child for a few years, but he wasn’t getting much exercise and, frankly, could stand to lose a little weight.

But now it is New Cat Day. Buster gets a younger brother called Zachary, or “Wacky Zacky” for short. His mission: To keep Buster on his toes.

…it’s possible that it isn’t going to work

It’s not Exercise Time, yet.
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