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Today’s Harvest

The beans are doing incredibly well. I think we have enough to offer our neighbour, except he has plenty of his own.

Our little nectarine tree has produced 6 fruit this year, and two of them were ripe enough to be picked.

One cucumber from the scraggly plant, and a squash from the plant-that-was-supposed-to-be-an-Eggplant.

The Sweet 100’s tomato bush produced its usual daily handful, but the big news is from the other tomato plants. These are plants I grew from seed, from hierloom tomatoes we purchased last year from the market. The tomatoes were so delicious that I saved the seeds, grew seedlings this Spring and now the plants are producing. 

The one on the left is from a variety I called “Tri-Tip” because the flesh is dark red and the internal structure is kind of undefined and you carve it into slices. 

The one on the right is from a variety I called “Stripe”, for obvious reasons.

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  1. Trevor

    Nectarines, I’m jealous, marrow cousins, not so much!
    Those beans and cherry tomatoes look just like some of ours. We had a strange tomato variety this year; mixed in with typical cherry tomatoes it produced a whole lot of tiny yellow tear-shaped fruit.
    Currently growing garlic and winter greens. But it’s been so wet I think everything will rot.

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