Brevity is usually the Soul of Witless

I really hate Twitter.


Oh, but you know that.  You’ve seen how long my blog posts are.


No, really.  I’m tired not only of people who think deep and significant ideas can be reduced to a maximum number of characters, or that political discourse in this country should be reduced to that level, but also of all other twits who mistake vapid-and-incomplete for pithy-and-curated in the tech realm.

Complexity takes length and time, to consume as well as to create.   

Deal with it, or you won’t have a foundation for whatever you are trying to build.


I’m also not enamored of people who mistake form for substance. 

OTOH, I just spent a lot of time upgrading my BlogEngine instance and I spent more time tweaking my styles and theme than anything else to do it. 

Why? Because I’m willing to concede that enabling the consumer to get through a complex, wordy topic in an organized, engaging presentation is part of the creator’s job.

So here’s a short but maybe still substantial post, to test the new form.

YAPS on Report Subscriptions: Moving an SSRS instance to another server

The steps to move an SSRS instance are pretty straightforward, in the main, but in the midst of a production move, you may find yourself with two running instances temporarily.  (Not talking about a desired scale-out, here.)  Here’s some simple code I use to generate statements that will disable all SSRS-owned subscriptions on a server.

use msdb
select 'exec dbo.sp_update_job @enabled = 0, @job_name = '''+ name + '''' as cmd
, * from sysjobs
where enabled = 1 and
      try_convert(uniqueidentifier,name,0) is not null
     --len(name) = len(replace(name,'-','')) + 4 if lower than 2012 is a hacky subst
       or description like 'This job is owned by a report server process%'
 )  ;


I save the generated statements to a file, so that I can re-enable exactly that set of jobs (or mark them in some other way) later.

I could go on here (what else is entailed in moving an SSRS instance?  What are the soup-to-nuts steps?)… you know I’m good for it…

But this time, I won’t.

And just to show you I’m not entirely a curmudgeon, I’m going to enable comments on this post, to see what happens. 

Mind you, if I get blasted with cr*p, comments are going right back off. 

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