Shocking Pings

Lately, I've been considering turning off comments on this blog, due to spam comments that make it difficult to find any signal whatsoever within the noise.

Rather than prune them manually, or turn on moderating, I end up writing a bunch of sql comments against my DB, so I can eyeball results of my personal filters, in case of any false positives, and then delete. This gets tedious, and besides I'm having some caching problems going low-level like this.

I don't want to turn off comments, and I don't want to miss any of your questions.

Won't stop the signal 

For now I think I have another solution… Justin Etheridge wrote an Akismet-based extension for BlogEngine.NET, which is the engine for this blog and C's.  It's based on a wrapper for Akismet by Joel Thoms.

You might want to take a look here and/or here to see how Akismet works, with some cooperation from the good folks at WordPress, who maintain a registration system.

And if this extension doesn't work the way I hope — so far, so good — I'll check out another facility on RTUR.NET.

To quote an incredible movie, "I love this family "…

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