Funny or not, you tell me

What is it about me and attempts to get help from Microsoft-hosted applications?

C and I are moving house and I was trying to get my MSDN subscription address information updated on line last week.  I wanted to find out when the last order shipped, to make sure I made the change at the right time.  

I often have a little <cough> trouble interpreting instructions in these dialogs. This time, I ventured a guess that I was not alone and that pressing the FAQ button was a good idea.  But here's what I got:

Too funny for its own good

There are at least two things I find amusing about this screenshot.

The first has to do with the name (WISMO) of the application, the difference between the type of response and helpfulness that the name implies, and what I actually experienced.  When I pressed FAQ, in happy optimism, and got this error instead… all I could think of was some lines from one of my favorite movies

WHERE… is… my… ORDER ?

WHY do you want to KNOW ?


The second thing has to do with the "MS-hosted part", and the lack of branding thereof, in the error page.

Maybe MS should stick to using applications they know how to configure.

One thought on “Funny or not, you tell me

  1. People have different reactions in one thing. Maybe, in one individual it looks funny and others are not. But, no matter what, I take it seriously for I want this kind of post.

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