Here endeth [this section of] the lesson

[Please reference this post if you have not previously read about VFP-TMM.]

I’m happy to say that I’ve finished the FFC section of TMM now…

In addition to minor tweaks and improvements to other significant FFC-section docoids, such as FXListener, as part of this effort, I’ve added the final docoids representing new-in-SP2 FFC classes:

All three are well worth your attention, but the FXMemberDataScript entry is the most complex and most immediately important for your work, I think. Not surprisingly, it took up the bulk of the time that I’ve had to work on this project since my last upload.

We are still on the road, and I’m not sure how much time I’m going to have for TMM for the next little while. I feel pretty good about what you have at this point in the project, though.

The information that’s already there, with the inclusion of Colin’s DataViz whitepaper counted along with TMM, is the bulk of what you need to get started in serious SP2-style VFP 9 Report System extensions.

Next up in TMM, whenever I can, will be some easy, short, but telling corrections to the existing C&F and PEM topics, to round out the changes to baseclass behavior in SP2. After that it’s time to tackle some of the enhancements to the shipping _REPORT* applications, but many of those topics will just be pointers to the appropriate sections in Colin’s DataViz paper.

Back to turkey eating and Life plans…

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