GFXNoRender and related docoids

[Please reference this post if you have not previously read about VFP-TMM.]

I’ve added the docoid for the GFX Render-Suppression Implementation tonight, and I also added LoadReport and CommandClauses because they are very closely related.

LoadReport is nothing much, but please do read the CommandClauses entry before looking at the gfxNoRender class. The CommandClauses entry documents another very important change and the gfxNoRender class will make more sense if you understand it.

gfxNoRender, while plenty useful on its own, was included in the shipping set partly so that the change to CommandClauses got some public exposure.  Another reason I wanted to include it was as an example of a convention we wanted to recommend for Advanced Property use: the ListenerRef prefix idea, which you’ll see explained in the gfxNoRender docoid.

The ListenerRef prefix is just an idea and it’s just a recommendation, it isn’t enforced in any way. But it opens up the interesting, and general, question of how a reportlistener reference can be put in scope for report expressions and it provides one possible solution that can be shared and understood by multiple objects.  Don’t know what folks will think about it, or if it will see wide adoption, but gfxNoRender serves a reference implementation of this idea.

2 thoughts on “GFXNoRender and related docoids

  1. I’m not using these classes, I’m not even using SP2.
    But I’d like to thank you for your “documental” efforts. 🙂
    I’m sure I’ll need them in the future (may be sooner than I believe).

  2. Well, we hope you enjoy them, Nicola.

    If you do start using SP2, you don’t have to do anything to use at least some of “these classes” — including GFXNoRender — that’s the beauty of having the in-the-box design-time and run-time support.

    They are “just there” and “just work”. And then you can add more…

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