OutputPage Method docoid posted today

[Please reference this post if you have not previously read about VFP-TMM.]

While I will be concentrating on the FFC doc topics in TMM until they are done, I’ve made a quick detour over to post the OutputPage TMM docoid today.

While working on the UtilityReportListener changes — which, as you’ll see, are incredibly useful and completely separate from the FX subsystem we added in SP2 — I was reviewing the existing topic on UtilityReportListener in the online SP2 docs.  I got depressed about some items in this topic that should have been corrected in the SP1 timeframe, let alone how much new stuff I was going to have to write about. (Not depressed about the new stuff — just depressed about how long it will take to write!).

That reminded me of a significant, although somewhat esoteric, bug fix in SP1 regarding use of target device DPI in OutputPage.  As a result of the change, the sample code in that topic was probably incorrect now.  I checked, and yep there it still was, so I wanted to update the relevant topic quickly.

And that reminded me that we made a change to frxCursor regarding DPI in the SP1 timeframe as well, which meant that the information regarding its screenDPI member in the online docs was also incorrect. I’ve added that information to the frxCursor docoid now.

FWIW, all this information, both base and XBase changes, was in the SP1 release notes we delivered but I am not sure whether those were ever published.

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