Version 1 products even when they’re version 3

This will be a quick one, because C and I are on our way out for a week of Events and Event-Handling of a non-programmatic nature… 

Still reading that set of conference session topics I mentioned a few days ago and still getting weirded out.

Another session description starts as follows:

Just 'cause it's new doesn't mean it's good: "Indigo" was re-designed 3 times before it became WCF.

Somehow this doesn't fill me with confidence as an indication of how good WCF is…

Actually it reminded me of one of the funniest generated-spam e-mail titles I've seen, which scrolled by on my screen this week:

The first shot always destroyed our target but also destroyed our rail-gun prototype.

And there you have an encapsulated description of so many software product demos…


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