I’ve just started a new full-time gig, and it involves several technologies for which I don’t have in-depth experience, including:

  • PostgreSQL & MySQL
  • Python 3

I’m not too worried. Once you’ve had sufficient experience with two varieties of RDBMS (e.g. SQL Server and Oracle) then becoming capable in a third one isn’t too hard. You kind of know where the gaps are going to be, and how to find out the answers rapidly.

I want to give a huge shout-out to a tool called dBeaver. A colleague at the new gig turned me on to it. It’s an RDBMS-agnostic, cross-platform database IDE based on the Eclipse framework.

Holy crap, how had I not heard of this before. It’s awesome. It just works. I don’t miss PL/SQL Developer or Management Studio at all. (At least, not yet.) The community edition is free, but it is worth supporting with a license.

Speaking of “community editions”, PyCharm CE is a very nice Python IDE with Git integration.