This is mostly for my own reference, so I don’t lose it.

C:> set path=C:\Programs\Git\bin;%PATH%
C:> D:
D:> cd /source_control/ABACAB/github/zyxx_db
D:> git log --name-status -10 > last_ten_updates.txt

So long as the current path is under the right repository directory, the git log command seems to pick up the right information, without being told what repository to interrogate.

The output is useful, but the default formatting isn’t ideal. I’m not so interested in the git-svn-id or commit id. There’s a comprehensive list of options…


git log --name-status --pretty=format:"%cd - %cn : %s" --date=iso

The results are close to what I’m used to with Subversion:

2016-06-25 21:54:13 -0700 - Colin Nicholls : Synchronizing with latest SVN version
M zyxx/db/trunk/DW/DIRECT_DW.pkb
M zyxx/db/trunk/DW/SAMPLE_DATA.pck
M zyxx/db/trunk/environments/PROD/db_build_UAT.config
M zyxx/db/trunk/environments/UAT/db_build.config

2016-06-02 17:41:59 +0000 - cnicholls : Re-run previous report asynch; clear STATUS_TEXT on re-run
M zyxx/db/trunk/RIX/RIX.pck

2016-06-01 23:05:29 +0000 - cnicholls : Added V_Rix_Run_Log
M zyxx/db/trunk/RIX/create_views.sql

2016-06-01 09:12:36 +0000 - fred : Prepare deployment script.
M zyxx/db/trunk/deployment_scripts/49/during_DW.sql

2016-06-01 02:27:39 +0000 - zeng : INH-1139: Offer Issue - DW Should handle the "Link" action for Tag. Fix bug.
M zyxx/db/trunk/DW/ABACAB_RI.pkb

What I don’t yet know is why the most recent change has a time zone of “-0700” and the others “-0000”. It may have something to do with the way the previous entries were imported. Notice the committer name is different in the most recent check-in, which was the first one I did from my working copy, after the initial import.


My current format of choice:

git log --name-status --pretty=format:"%cd - %cn : %s" --reverse --date-order --date=local

However, “local” doesn’t seem to mean “my local time zone”. So, not sure what the best date format is.