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I put on my robe and prophet hat

Six months ago, I went on record* as saying:

In eighteen months, no-one will be talking about “the Cloud”.

I may have to re-qualify that statement:

If your business plan has the word “cloud” in it, you’re doing it wrong.

The point here is that “cloud computing” is not Web 3.0, or a revolution in IT architecture, but much more about economics and risk.

As usual, Bob Lewis says it better and is more deserving of my Prophet Hat.

* ok, maybe it isn’t written down anywhere. But I said it out loud at least once.


  1. >L<

    As usual, where Bob leads, others eventually follow. In this case I call that the sun shining out from behind the cloud

  2. Cloud Computing Leaders

    The bad part of cloud computing is, if you lose internet may perhaps be due to a lightning strike, unpaid bill, ISP server glitch, etc) you can’t access any of your data!

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