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A new favorite programming font

I have a new favorite programming font: Damieng's Envy Code R

My old favorite was Microsoft's Office 2007 Consolas, and my initial reaction to Envy Code R was that it wasn't as readable. But very quickly I decided I liked it more. It looks great with ClearType smoothing, it looks good at ridiculously small point sizes, and the O and 0 characters are distinct.


  1. Trevor

    It looks nice in an editor with syntax highlighting, but having looked at it in emacs with plain text it’s not quite so impressive. I’ll try it in some of my other toys this week…

  2. malcolm

    I’ll try it too , but what about lower case "L" and numeral "1" !

  3. Pinay Showbiz

    I will try it too, webmaster! Thanks for this useful information!

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