This Week

My wonderful MIL sends an email to family called “This Week”.  I really look forward to reading it, every week.  I also love thinking about all the things she’s doing and enjoying, every week, in between reading.

Here’s a “This Week” of my own…

This week I learned that SSRS’s built in email delivery mechanism STILL (as of the latest docs I could find) doesn’t allow you to issue an explicit StartTLS command.  I mean, really?


This week I learned that I don’t really care very much.

At first I thought it might be cool to write a replacement email delivery extension with better features, and then blog about it.

But, nah.

I think I’ll deliver to a file share, and pick up the files with an Agent job that does the emailing for me.

Life’s too short, and cats are too cute.


Because this week we became a family of four again.

Welcome, Zach!

Let me introduce you to Zachary Tea.  A furry force to be reckoned with.  And played with, and snoozed with. And groomed and taught and introduced to Buster.

So much for This Week.