What Not To Write: Articles and blog posts that didn’t, and shouldn’t, see the light of day

Notwithstanding my warm views on EFF, censorship can occasionally be a wonderful thing — when it's you doing it judiciously to yourself.

C and I used to work with somebody who regularly said, about basically any piece of code or scenario that we were examining, "It's all good".  George, if you're listening, it's not all good. Not all ideas should make the cut, whether it's writing or class design. It takes work, and it hurts, to do triage, but it's important.

I have had a pile of articles steadily growing over the last 15 years that I don't get around to writing, along with the hundreds I actually did write. They're scribbled on scraps of paper.  Here's one: The 3 M's: Models, Metadata, and Methodology, and how they relate to Management. What the heck kind of pontification did I have in mind there?

Sure, it might even be fun to write an anti-blog (I want to call mine "Farce Technika"!) filled with nothing but vanity posts.  But it will be with some relief that I use the availability of this blog to take a hard look at that ideas folder — and send a lot of it directly to the Round File.

On the other hand, I have a considerable virtual pile of articles that seem to remain truly valuable to folks although they are now hard to find. I get requests for old articles and source all the time.  It will be with even more relief that I will be able to make them available here.

I expect to get started on both long-overdue tasks this weekend.