“Legacy” is a good thing



We are just back from two days as guests of the SouthWest Fox conference in Arizona, where C and I had a really nice time. Officially I went to become one of two recipients of an award but actually it was nice to (finally) have had a chance to experience the heartwarming atmosphere of that particular conference and community. 

Kudos to Rick (and congrats to him as the other awardee!), Doug and Tamar for their energy and passion, for both Fox-the-development-platform and Fox-the-people, in organizing this and carrying it through.

To try to thank the community right back, I did a short presentation, written in Fox and “performed” in Flash, which you can see here MemoriesAndContributions.swf (15.66 mb) . The idea was to bring together some faces and names, from various Fox eras and venues, whom we should all be thanking.  

I had a lot of fun writing it in the two “bookend” environments of my FoxPro career: FoxPro DOS — still a speed champ and still fun to work in — and Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 — a real labour of love for both C and me. 

One thing I know for sure: my life would have been a lot less interesting without FoxPro in it.  And I bet a lot of you might say the same.

Also bright-eyed and red-headed

And now for some more credit where credit is also due…

If you watch that Flash presentation, it’s about 3 and a half min, a bit jerky because it’s timed to match Bonnie Raitt’s great rendition of “I Will Not Be Broken”. 

I don’t have rights to post the song, of course, so you’ll have to use your imagination for how it worked together. You can read the lyrics to that song here, and watch Bonnie perform it here

Better yet, click the album cover on the right and buy the damned thing.

Us old gals have to stick together… but that is no sacrifice. 

us old gals gotta stick together