Graduated Pings

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m having some trouble separating the signal from the noise in comments on this site. And that’s a pity, because many of you have very interesting things to say, and many intriguing questions to ask.

So, taking a cue from my better half, I’m re-upping BlogEngine.Net to the latest version, which happens to be 1.6 right now. Let’s see if we can’t make this world a better place for civilized conversation.

Can’t stop the signal

Congrats to the BlogEngine guys for a whole new interface for corralling comments. I’ll be moderating comments on this blog, at least for a while, since they’ve made it a whole lot more convenient.  I’ll also be adding more plug-in filters like Akismet and see how much this new system can “learn”.

Other than possibly waiting a few days to see your comments approved (if I turn off the automated rule-driven approval mech), you shouldn’t see much of a difference. And that’s a good thing. 

Please let me know if something seems amiss.  I happen to know that you guys are not shy.

Back to business as usual

Cliff, I haven’t forgotten your question.  Philippe, you either.  I think you guys are next in the queue.