Buddha’s dream

When you chat to folks about working in XSLT and databases, you meet the darnedest people.

One young man of my acquaintaince recently posted the following as his IM tag line, it showed up in my UI briefly:

 Buddha: Should I be worried that there’s a manga that teaches the basics of my profession? http://www.amazon.com/dp/1593271… | Post a note

FWIW: if you do use the “post” link above, tell Zack I said howdy, and see if he remembers me.

Manga on databases 

Yes, I’m a little scared knowing that this book exists. 

On the other hand, if it gets more young girls interested, it’s probably a good thing.

On the gripping hand, that isn’t half so scary as finding out from Amazon (click the link above) that

Customers who bought this item also bought this

Are we really that predictable a bunch?  Sob.

Oh well. If you haven’t yet met Dr. Horrible, or Nathan Fillion, or Joss Whedon, it’s high time you got started.  You can read manga tomorrow.