OK that was really stupid

I've upgraded the version of BlogEngine.NET that powers this site, this weekend. Everything went pretty well except that they have changed the way blog post URLs are fashioned, and as a result I've broken most of the internal links in my old posts.

I'll fix 'em.  Major apologies to anybody who's bookmarked something and can't find it.

There's. No. Turning. Back. Now.

[Update next day]

Even stupider.  Having updated internal links in over 50 posts here, with some "magic SQL" (hah! plus hours of manual work and checking — please let me know if I've missed any) I realize I can't possibly do the same thing for all the external links in other people's posts, and my own on forums pointing to walkthroughs here.

So I've settled for updating my "Page not available" error page, which I hope will point you in the right direction(s). 

Sorrier about this than you can possibly imagine. 

But I'm glad of the improved BlogEngine.NET functionality, security, and bug fixes. I was an early adopter, and have actually put off doing this for since their first release.  That means ferretting out 4 of their update advisories for appropriate SQL db changes, etc.  Ugh. 

It was worth it. And it's the first time my site has had to have this kind of "episode", or be down in any important way, in over two years. I'm still sorry.