The Foxx, the Voxx, and the Phoenixx rises from the ashes of FoxTalk. Rainer Becker is busy thinking outside the boxx as always. 

I know that Rainer will carry on all the good things that FoxTalk was and could be, while rising above some of the less-pleasant aspects of technical magazine publishing.

One of those less-pleasant aspects tends to be "who owns the rights to what", especially in a property like FoxTalk that's been sold a couple of times.

I've made a point of re-publishing some of my own old FoxTalk contributions here as Spacefold articles. (Not the really old ones. some of you youngsters have no idea how much old material there is — from Glenn Hart's editorial days and my own — but from the VFP 9 period.)  I didn't re-publish on Spacefold to establish my ownership of the material, but to ensure that it was available, decently formatted, to folks who might need it. 

That's all I really care about, at this point: making what I've written available to folks who might need it.  I have to say that it took me a long time to feel this way.  There were some years of bitterness when somebody would e-mail me a screen shot of some edition of one of my books in a translation that I'd never seen before, and certainly never received any royalties from.  Now it's all about getting out the information to people who might get good use of it.

So here's a tip of the hat to Rainer and all the people working with him.  We owe you, not the other way around: a big thank you for carrying the torch, making the material as widely available as it can be made, and moving forward with energy and plans.  I'm writing this post to acknowledge your rights to re-purpose my work as you see fit. 

C and I both send hearty best wishes and our love and blessings.