Enjoy investigating these files. We hope you find some of them useful.

Demos & Screen Casts

Sedna Reporting Features Overview

This slide show (originally a flash video screen cast) demonstrates some of the new features in Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2 in the reporting system.

SQL-centric .NET Utilities

xmlRSDocs 2008 Source andDeployment Files

Update July 2012
The default xmlRSDocsRS2008.xsltfile has been updated, as described on Lisa's blog. The entire current zip file includes this change, so (for example) if you use default, built-in xslts in the Harness application, and if you're examining an RDL or RDLC written under the 2008 schema, the new one is the one you get. If you prefer, you can pick up the updated xmlRSDocsRS2008.xslt file only, instead.

New February 2011
The full version of the xmlRSDocs 2008 code, documentation, samples, and deployment packages is now available.

This zip file includes both the 2005 and 2008 branches. This download contains the full version of the updated docs, which you can also read in our Articles section, here. More information will be on Lisa's blog.

RDLDocumenter Deployment Files

Read the proto-docs for this Reporting Services-Visual Studio integration dev tool here, and something like a creation story here.
Update November 2008 — you can pick up a preliminary set of files for RS 2008 here.  The production SSIS package is included in this release.  You'll see in the various read me's that there's lots more yet to do, and there will probably be more information on Lisa's blog about this.

Visual FoxPro Utilities

Data Visualization in Reports with VFP 9.0 SP2 Whitepaper Source

This white paper is an integral part of the backstory for VFP-TMM, serving as an integrated walk-through of many aspects of Reporting extensibility.  VFP-TMM will excerpt from its source, herein, to illustrate many basic techniques.

Gaining Image Control Article Source

The ability to use image controls in reports is one of the subtler changes to the VFP 9 Report System, and it's easier than it may look. It's also ridiculously under-documented. This article will help. While its source is not very significant, it's included here for completeness.

Coverage and Advanced Testing Source

This article covers (no pun) some truly timeless topics, even though it is taken from session notes originally delivered in 1998.

The extensive source you'll find here is pretty interesting and has some useful utilities to show you how to leverage the shipping COVERAGE.APP application.You'll find more information on this subject in another Coverage-related article you can reach from the index here.

Log4Fox Article Source

Logging is a standard requirement in any development environment. In this article, originally published in FoxTalk January 2006, Lisa takes a classic logging library, log4j and applies the architecture to VFP. Read the article here.

A PrintJob To Call Your Own Article Source

Read the article here, and some additional followup information here.

PDF Power Article Source with bonus non-ReportListener version

Read the article here, and some additional followup information here and here.

Slider and ToggleButton controls.vcx

Colin proposes that a couple of new controls should be included in the standard UI toolkit for designers of virtual hardware. Having ranted about this, he then provides prototypes implemented in Visual FoxPro. You may find these controls useful in your own applications.

View Manager

View Manager is a utility that allows you to maintain a list of view definitions. You can edit the SQL statement directly, allowing you to create views that are not supported by the view designer. A built-in DBC creation wizard can be used to create both local and remote versions of your views in separate DBCs, from the common view definitions. Local and Remote versions of stored procedures can also be maintained from within the View Manager form.

Master Builder

Master Builder is a general purpose control builder for Visual FoxPro. It has a number of interesting features, including modeless operation, extendable architecture, allows class switching on the fly. Version 2.0.2 adds support for the .NullDisplay and .ShowWindow properties. Source code included. Enjoy!

SCX Viewer

SCXView is a small and compact browser for SCX/VCX files. It displays a list of objects in a VCX or VCX file in a resizeable form. Columns are Name, Class, Classlib, and Parent. Double-clicking on an item in the list allows you to view more of the fields, and edit them. PROS: You can clean up screwy classlib cross-references and other forms of VCX/SCX corruption that would otherwise require you to go back to backups. CONS: You can use SCXView to really screw up your source.