ReportListener XML Display-Style Foundation Class (TMM)

Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2
This page is an addendum to an existing FFC class topic, covering enhancements in SP1 and SP2.
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GeneralAbout this class
Because XMLDisplayListener is responsible for adding some format-only (versus content) information to the VFP-RDL base, it received a number of new attribute-producing properties in SP2. 

Each one of the following new public properties supplies the name of the XML attribute used to show a specific value provided to a field control layout object by EvaluateContents processing:

  • fillAlphaAttr (default value FA)
  • fillBlueAttr (default value FB)
  • fillGreenAttr (default value FG)
  • fillRedAttr (default value FR)
  • fontNameAttr (default value FNAME)
  • fontSizeAttr (default value FSIZE)
  • fontStyleAttr (default value FSTYLE)
  • penAlphaAttr (default value PA)
  • penBlueAttr (default value PB)
  • penGreenAttr (default value PG)
  • penRedAttr (default value PR)

Please refer to the XMLListener and HTMLListener TMM docoids for more information about new-in-SP2 extension properties and their associated attributes.  Recommendations for creating and applyinig your own extension attributes are planned for the TMM docoid on How to: Add Custom Attributes to VFP-RDL using XMLReportListener and its Derived Classes.

You can also see the recommended techniques demonstrated in the imageSrcAttr property and associated attribute, which this class had in previous version and continues to use according to the same patterns as the new ones.  

In SP1, this class received an associated imageFileBaseName public property (default value "") which you can use to assign an optional prefix to be added to the generated image file names when image files are saved to disk. The value of this prefix is, of course, included in the imageSrcAttr attribute as required along with the rest of the generated image file name.  This behavior is used during the Render event for General field-based images.

As a final change to this class, the formattingChanges property, which previously originated in this class, has been promoted  to its parent class XMLListener in SP2.

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