ReportListener User Feedback Foundation Class (TMM)

Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2
This is an addendum to an existing FFC class topic, covering changes in SP1 and SP2. 
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GeneralAbout this class

UpdateListener is deprecated in SP2, because  you can use the fxTherm FX object with FXListener to meet the same design goals as described in this topic.  However, UpdateListener was back-filled with all changes, fixes, and enhancements to the feedback feature set that fxTherm received.  This enables you to continue to use UpdateListener if you don't need the VFP 9 Reporting FX subsystem; it has slightly less overhead.

For information about enhancements to UpdateListener in the SP1 timeframe, please see the section on Effects on derived classes related to the pagelimit feature set of FFC ReportListener Base Foundation Class (_ReportListener).

PEMs SP2The following table lists a public property added by this class to its parent class, _ReportListener, and new in SP2.
Properties and methods Description

thermPrecision Property

The number of places (precision) to use for evaluating and (by default) showing the percentage done.

Default 0


The following code example shows how you might change various aspects of feedback display, including the new thermPrecision attribute, by tuning public properties of UpdateListener.

ox = NEWOBJECT("updateListener", ;
* note that the class is still in the ReportOutput Application library,
* even though by default it's not used in SP2 
ox.thermPrecision = 5
ox.thermCaption = "My Test"
ox.thermFormCaption = "My Test Caption"

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