How to: Register New Advanced Properties in the ReportBuilder Application (TMM)

Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2
This topic provides a reference to information that walks you through the use of a new-in-SP2 FFC VFP Reporting System extension feature.
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When you create new behavior for your extension output, you can use one or more Advanced Properties to configure that behavior in your FRX design. If you would like to expose this behavior in multiple FRXs,  you can register the attribute(s) in the ReportBuilder's Registry Table.  Once you've done this, your new Advanced Properties automatically appear in the appropriate dialogs for all your report design sessions.

Please refer to the section on Adding to the Default Advanced Properties, preceding Example 3, in the Spacefold article on Data Visualization in Reports with VFP 9.0 SP2. This section provides a complete walkthrough of editing the ReportBuilder Registry Table, using the Builder's built-in editing interfaces, for this purpose. Appendix C in the article provides more information on available values for the Registry Table columns, which you use to restrict the Property dialogs that will show your new properties (for example, to a specific layout control type), and to specify the value type you wish each property to have.

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