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What feature?

This would be funny if it weren’t so frustrating. All I did was click on the “Desktop” button. Excel seems to want to install something. But what?

Needless to say, I did not press “Yes”.

Not so fast

All I’m trying to do is uninstall 600 MB of un-runable stuff. There are not enough swear-words in the English language to cover this possibility:

…What error log, exactly? Any hints? There are many, many error logs.

Thank you, RegSeekerCCleaner,  and Process Explorer. My friends. Where would I be without you? Oh, that’s right. Screwed.

Windows Vista – first impressions


And the networking doesn’t work. Yet it wants to go out to the Internet for everything.

Oh, and did I say it was butt-ugly? Apparently all the talented UI designers have left Microsoft. I curse the day some idiot decided that dialog boxes and web pages with hyperlinks deserved to merge into some kind of mutant hybrid UI. Consistency, people! Standards! Have you forgotten all that you learned? Why do you think the Win95 interface is cloned and duplicated so fervently by the Linux shell people?

[Update: We got the Vista connected to the network, finally, by selecting a different Ethernet card driver. Vista’s preference was for one that didn’t work.]

Tie a UI Ribbon ’round that old menu tree

Office 12: Now with Bumps TM, thanks to superior Dalek technology.

Before you all go crazy adding new funky Ribbon UI technology to your contact manager application, please think about this: Do you really need it? Do your users really need it? Is your application’s command tree really that complicated and deep?

I doubt it very much.

Still, if this gets developers excited about smart/thick/local/non-web clients again, I’m all for it.

[Update] Well, that didn’t take long.

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