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Month: November 2006

Windows Meh

It could be that one of the reasons that I find the new user interface in Windows Vista to be so distasteful is that I run Windows XP using the best theme ever: Royale Noir:

I find this so pleasant to work in that anything else looks like crap. It’s not exactly an official theme, but you should be able to find it with a little bit of work if you google “Royale Noir”. The best theory I’ve read about it so far is that it is an early version of the theme released with the Microsoft Zune media player software. In my opinion, Microsoft should have stopped at Royale Noir because the final Zune theme does not compare favorably.

Recovery Period

I’m currently recovering from a catastrophic hard drive failure on my main machine, my wonderful toshiba laptop.

This is not fun, let me tell you.

A hard drive failure sounds at first like a bee is stuck somewhere inside the computer’s chassis. Then it progresses to sounding more like what you hear in your head when eating a crunchy breakfast cereal.

My advice is, back up everything when you hear the bee.

Editor’s Note, August 2020:

Correction: If you can’t hear the bee, it’s time to back up.

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