I can’t believe this is actually true: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Bott/?p=84

The attitude expressed by the MSFT representative, however, I can totally believe.

I got the first WGA update through the Windows Update process – I manually review all the suggested updates but like most people I had no clue what WGA was doing. I have not accepted the later update to WGA, and I have actually removed these files from my SYSTEM32 directory:


So far, they haven’t come back but that probably doesn’t mean anything. I can still reboot, browse the internet, and get email.

However, when I launch Windows Update (the application) from the Start menu or IE’s Tools menu, I am instructed that I must first install WGA.

Interestingly, if I configure Windows Update (the system tray icon) to warn me when updates are ready, it appears that from there, I can select to install updates – and they apparently install successfully.

So as they say, “Go figure”.