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Month: May 2004

No Swap File

So thanks to a recent upgrade, I’ve slightly more than doubled the RAM in my laptop. It’s now running with 1.25 GB of RAM. So why do I still need to worry about virtual memory? Do I need a swap file?

This morning I right-clicked on My Computer and set the Windows XP virtual memory settings to “No Paging File”. Rebooted.

Now I’m defragmenting my hard drive while browsing the web and updating this web site. Narry a glitch or complaint from the operating system.

When it finally barfs (perhaps on one more wafer-thin application) I’ll let you know Moveable Type 3

By now, you probably know that:

  • Movable Type 3.0 Developer Edition is out
  • The licensing for MT 3.0 has changed

The licensing bit has some folks upset. You can tell by the outrage that people are passionate about this product. And the outrage is understandable to an extent. Movable Type has been free for personal use since day 1. Now they’re asking the majority of their users to pay for something that many of them have never had to pay for to begin with. There is bound to be some backlash about that. [..] Some go so far to say, “Six Apart has gotten greedy!”. No, they haven’t. They are a growing company. Growing a company takes dollars. This is no volunteer organization, you know. They have real-world bills to pay. Ben and Mena have poured everything they have into their products. And for nearly three years, they’ve given it away. That’s not greed – that’s generosity. Now they are charging for their product (what a concept!), something they had a right to do with their first release.

Link: Moveable Type 3

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