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YAPS about SSRS Branding Last time I posted (and I can't believe it was several months ago), I indicated that I was done with Type: Post
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Quicker branding of SQL Server Report Manager 2008 R2 "A good long while ago, I wrote a blog post about re-branding the Report Manager interface.  While at the time I thought it was not all that useful, because most developers create a custom interfa ..." Type: Post
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Walkthrough: Quick-branding SQL Server Report Manager 2005 "It's been a month since my last post.  I have some excuse; C and I have moved again, we've found a place of our own in Marin (we've been looking since we joined EC|Wise last fall).&nb ..." Type: Post
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YAPS about SSRS Branding in 2008 R2 "  Octoni writes with an intriguing question: Hi there,I've read your article about SSRS report manager branding from url --> ..." Type: Post
YAPS again about RS 2008 R2 Branding "Oh, all right. I was not at all surprised when Octoni wrote back to say "but can't we just hide the right-side link to Home with CSS"? Apparently s/he just noticed it. I did try to say. Well, I don't ..." Type: Post
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Buddha's new nightmare "From XSLT to SSRS, and most probably back again some day Turns out that Zach remembers me... He's brought me a really nice little SSRS problem that highlights some of the limitations of HT ..." Type: Post
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YAPS about Report Manager: Making Do with Data-Driven Subscriptions I have often talked about how much I dislike the Report Manager and why I think it shouldn't be expo Type: Post
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Never say never, even when it comes to the Report Manager: validating parameters "Of all the important things my Dad taught me, here are three that easily come to mind: think critically be flexible get back on that bicycle ... I guess it's time to do all three.   Someti ..." Type: Post
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Nixing the Report Manager "Doug W comments/asks: You speak to not recommending the use of the report manager as an end-user interface, but could you enumerate those reasons? ... and I hoped to write back with information last ..." Type: Post
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YAPS on RS Docs: Even quicker, not very dirty anymore "Last time I wrote about an easy way to document SSRS reports, and suggested that we should try to use Report Descriptions in a disciplined manner, so that people choosing to browse RDLs (or other ..." Type: Post
Funny or not, you tell me "What is it about me and attempts to get help from Microsoft-hosted applications? C and I are moving house and I was trying to get my MSDN subscription address information updated on line last we ..." Type: Post
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