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XML-based ReportListener docoids posted

[Please reference this post if you have not previously read about VFP-TMM.] 

Today I posted the XMLListener, XMLDisplayListener, and HTMLListener docoids.  This rounds out the FFC ReportListener set.

The important stuff is in XMLListener; the other ones are just little doodads in comparison.

As you'll see, because of the large number of enhancements that went on in this area in SP2, these three topics won't be sufficient to cover everything. You need, first and foremost, the appropriate VFP-RDL SP2 schema documents, which should be available to you in the SP2 XSOURCE files (are these out yet?!?!?).

There are multiple XSDs because the VFP-RDL spec now imports the common VFP Memberdata schema, and also to allow for the standard and alternate arrangements of formatting content. The alternate formatting-band choices, which are exposed by XMLListener.includeBreaksInData, was in the RTM version, and we did doc it, but it was not expressed very articulately in the schema. It's much better now.  Also the new schemas have (I hope) a great deal of supplementary information in their annotations which I was expecting you would see in the docs.

For the full range of annotations, be sure to check the XMLOutput-Includes.xsd file, which is shared by both alternate versions of the schema.

I'm not entirely sure what happened in the SP2 docs with regard to the schema (which is in the docs in Using VFP Report Output XML, in each version of the CHM). I can see that they updated it but it looks like they based what went in on a rough/early version that was delivered with the original spec. For the record, in SP2 the XSDs have been part of the Report Output Application source almost from my initial delivery -- and they haven't changed since first delivered.

So, I'll need to do something about that later on in TMM.  And, as you'll see, there are a couple of significant items that build on what you'll see in these topics and reference some How-To's with more specifics on some of the new extension attributes.  They will just have to wait. (Again, the schema annotations would have helped a lot with this.  That sound is me gnashing my teeth.) 

You needed these classes' PEMs and functionality changes properly doc'd, first. 


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    1/17/2010 7:53:55 PM |

    what are docoids? never heard about them before

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