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Two steps forward, one step back, in TMM progress tonight

[Please reference this post if you have not previously read about VFP-TMM.] 

Tonight I'm posting a major work of C's, as a separate article.  This white paper/set of session notes on Data Visualization in Reports, SP2-style,while not technically part of TMM, will serve as the basis for a lot of TMM posts.  It is an integrated walkthrough, from a very simple example, through full-blown extension exposure. It will provide reference code and illustrative scenarios for a number of TMM docoids, as well as a conceptual overview from which you can envision the full scope of extension architecture, at both design- and run- time. 

Rather than do double work, some TMM items will simply point you to the right direction in one of C's walkthrough sections or appendices.  What's more, the article really does so much of the groundwork that if you have it in front you as a resource, you may not need the rest of TMM nearly as much.  C is working on posting another one that will help you as well. Go team.

One of the steps forward is getting this white paper formatted and uploaded, as a solid foundation for what we need to do in TMM.  But, if I'm not posting a new docoid tonight, why is it two steps forward? 

In the process of lovingly re-formatting and re-enjoying C's work today, I realized there was some additional stuff I wanted to throw into the critical FRXCursor TMM docoid to make sure it was covered properly there.  I've revised and re-uploaded that one.  Once again: IT'S CRITICAL. And now it's a bit more comprehensive.

What's the step back? I felt the need to add a topic or two into my TMM-TOC-slash-project plan <sigh>.

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  • Bernard Bout

    11/4/2007 11:04:34 PM |

    What can I say...

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your unselfish efforts and keep up the good work.

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