I gotta ask again... I gotta crow... and you gotta voice and a vote

by Lisa Nicholls Sun, February 17 2008 16:06

Work is still horrendously busy, so I'm slow getting here in general.  Heck, I'm slow getting my laundry done.

But this weekend I have promised a number of people on the MSDN RS forums a fairly comprehensive and difficult-to-write walkthrough, so I'm hoping to get through that.  I'm gradually writing, there are just a lot of different pieces to that particular puzzle, and it looks like I will be posting it in two parts in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile... I was hoping I was going to get some comments/requests/opinions when I posted http://spacefold.com/lisa/post/2008/02/03/Beyond-TMM-analysis-of-a-bug-and-aftermath-of-architecture-work-What-happens-now.aspx from the VFP folks about a week ago.  High ratings are nice, thank you folks, but nobody wants to weigh in or vote on the plan they think is best?

Also... I gotta take a couple of seconds out here to say: my kid is really something. Please read http://googlepublicpolicy.blogspot.com/2008/02/rep-markeys-net-neutrality-legislation.html.  You can take this glowing reference with a grain of salt; Derek certainly does. 

Inside the tech world or outside: Please stand up and be counted.




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