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Tempus Fugue

I've encountered several drawbacks in my attempt at composing a fugue so far. Yesterday I spent several hours practising each melody line and took a stab at recording them. The results are here:

Fugue with actual instruments/performances (mp3):

I tried putting a ritardando towards the end. Not sure if I like it.  Because this leads in to another section of music, it absolutely has to get back up to 143bps at the end without sounding stupid.

The tone of the guitar is not really acceptable to me. (piezo again. Will try mic'ing.) I don't like how the organ sounds much at all. However, the Chapman Stick sounds really good.

In moving the voices to the actual instruments I was "hearing" in my head, I have revealed deficiencies in the composition. The instruments have a way of putting their personality on the music they play, and I think I need to let them "speak to the notes".