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Thomas Dolby and the Jazz Mafia Horns

That was the best damn concert I have ever been to. At $15/ticket certainly the best value for money. I would have paid much, much more. We have Dolby's DVD of his previous one man show (the "Sole Inhabitant Tour") but this was better. The songs were more polished and the second half of the show featured three extra musicians, the Jazz Mafia Horns, and they really kicked the show up a notch. I don't think poor Thomas knew what kind of audience he might get in a small "club" venue in a local hotel casino on the outskirts of Las Vegas, but I hope that during the concert he got the message from us that we were hard-core Dolby fans. One guy in the audience even had a couple of vinyl albums for him to sign.

Dolby blogs about his evening here.
And there's a good write-up on the tour in general here.