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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Recovering from DevCon

We've just spent the last three days in Palm Desert, at the VFP Developers Conference.  Palm Desert is about 4 hours drive from Las Vegas, mostly through desert.

We dropped the cats off at Creature Comforts on Saturday, then drove out of Las Vegas at about 5:00am on Sunday to avoid the heat. On the way out of the valley I had to stop and take a picture of the Moon setting behind some mountains lit up by the rising Sun, pretty cool.

We had a late breakfast at Peggy Sue's Diner outside of Barstow. Very 50's. Very pleasent.

Just outside of Palm Desert there is a bunch of factory outlet stores, where we stopped and got something to drink, and I bought a pair of swimming trunks (they gotta be red ones). The heat was almost unbearable, though, and we didn't linger.

I meant to take a bunch of notes while at DevCon, but by design we really ended up working very hard with Richard.S who had basically come in from Seattle especially to work with us. I think we made pretty good use of our time there, and it was certainly good to meet up with some old friends such as Reiner from Germany.

The drive back was pretty tiring. Peggy Sue's seemed like a good halfway point to stop, even though it wasn't really a mealtime.

We arrived back in the Vegas Valley on Tuesday, in plenty of time to pick up the cats before Creature Comforts closed.