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Eulogy (Doctor Who Season 5.3)

May 8, 2010 17:52 by colin

I really hope the Daleks are dead for good, this time. I'd say, Let them die with dignity, but they lost that a long time ago. I mean, Serving Tea? What is this, Not the Nine O'Clock News?

I had such high hopes for this incarnation. Considering the travesty he replaces, I felt it could only be an improvement. But now it's Spitfires In Space. Not even the "incredible" acting talents of Ian McNeice can save this episode. Yes, he let me down also.

The unending assault on the ears of the hideous soundtrack has rendered Doctor Who unlistenable as well as unwatchable, since about the third season.

Chris Eccleston was right to run from this show after only one season. While L was away a couple of weeks ago I rewatched a couple of episodes from Season One. It really did show promise. Alas.

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May 13. 2010 13:02


Well.. I agree the theme music has got worse and worse with every series, but I thought the actors have been on an upwards trend (just like the companions' skirts, apparently)


May 20. 2010 14:53


Even Karen Gillan in a miniskirt is insufficient incentive to keep watching, unfortunately.