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Thugs in Balaclavas

January 31, 2010 13:07 by colin

Every morning our back yard is besieged with a gang of American Robins. The male birds (I assume) have a black head and white eye-rings and they look like they are wearing balaclavas. The females have less-contrasting plumage but are still very colorful.

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February 2. 2010 08:41


I love seeing Robins out in my garden. Those are some nice shots you've got there too. Did you use a zoom or just sneak up real close?


February 2. 2010 22:04


Cath, I used the zoom on my FujiFilm S600, but it's not super-powerful. The birds were about 10 feet away in our back yard, I took the shots from our living room windows. The robins are very watchful and if they see the curtains flicker they all bolt for the fence. So there was some sneaking involved.