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January 1, 2010 12:14 by colin

I've got two or three posts buffered up in my head but I'm thinking, seeing as it's 2010 and all (blood rushing to head as I type) perhaps I should try upgrading to BlogEngine 1.5 for the new year. And maybe re-enable comments too.



UPDATE: Awesome. Rocking into 2010 on BlogEngine 1.5. Hopefully the blog spam workaround is in place in this version and comments will be available. Here's hoping.

UPDATE #2: Comments don't seem to be working on the hosting site. I just see a rotating GIF thingy and the comment doesn't appear to be saved. This is probably my fault. On the other hand, comments work just fine locally.

UPDATE #3: Thanks to some help from Ben on the BlogEngine forum, it looks as though comments are back in action.

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January 2. 2010 00:35

Ben Amada

just a test...

Ben Amada

January 2. 2010 02:30


Do comments still work in my custom theme? Yes they do.