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Visiting Mystery Bird

May 28, 2008 14:11 by colin

This little guy shows up in the morning and evening and sings for about 10 minutes before flying off somewhere. He's very regular in his schedule. So far we have not indentified him.

I took this picture (one of 12, the only one that had him in focus) through the slats of our window blinds.

Normally he faces towards the house and we can see his glorious red-orange waist-coat.

He's about 4 inches tall.

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Comments (2) -

August 3. 2008 05:18

Robert Stone

I'm guessing House Finceh, but check here first...

The look at each page at Cornell's 'Lab of O'...

Robert Stone

July 13. 2009 18:58


Wow, thanks Bob - yes, I think the House Finch was it.